Survey: Most companies use multicloud, but far less have tools for management

Multicloud management tools surveyNew research published this week by the IBM Institute for Business Value found that most enterprises — 85 percent — already operate in multicloud environments. And most of those that don’t currently use multicloud plan to soon. By 2021, 98 percent of companies plan to use multiple hybrid clouds.

Of the 1,016 executives from 19 different industries surveyed, about two-thirds (66 percent) said multicloud is crucial to reducing costs. Yet a considerable number of companies lack the tools and processes for effective multicloud management. The survey found:

  • 41 percent of companies have a multicloud management strategy
  • 38 percent have multicloud management procedures and tools in place
  • 30 percent have a multicloud orchestrator or other multicloud management platform
  • 39 percent have implemented DevOps processes
  • Fewer than 40 percent have configuration management tools that provide information about resource configuration and relationships between resources

Blaine Dolph, vice president of Global Business Services for IBM, told that organizations would be better off doing more than simply “lifting and shifting applications into the cloud.”

As DevOps shares, “one of the great paradoxes of multi-cloud computing is that in the pursuit of becoming more agile, many organizations are making their IT environments more complex by employing multiple platforms. The challenge they will face next is maturing their DevOps processes to the point where some order is finally brought to that multi-cloud computing chaos.”